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Welcome! I love knitting having learned how at an early age...it has seen me through good times and bad. I orignally went to college to study art but ended up as an RN (dont ask how THAT happened)Still an artist at heart, I try to listen to my muse and divide my creative time between knitting/dyeing/spinning and glass bead making. Once my life calms down, I also plan to do some knit wear designing and/or writing. Originally from Pennsylvania, I have lived in the Midwest and California-and am currently nomadic.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Call me Impetuous...

...but I couldn't resist casting on for the Corset Sweater today. The lace edging SHOULD be simple but for some reason I have had to start the back over twice, mostly due to errors in counting on my part. Usually I start on the sleeves of a sweater because in a way that can be a gauge swatch (if ya get it-good-if not, well you haven't ruined a whole sweater yet) but I don't have any size 8 dpns. However, Michael's just so happens to be opening a new store here tomarrow so I shall run over and grab some. We have a Hobby Lobby store here but....I'm a tad less than thrilled with them. I know, Michael's is about the same in general but I'll take my chances with them anyway. I really need to get one of those needle sizer things, since I just found a set of dpns on my desk that MAY be the size required. That would be great, but not enough to deterr me from going to Michael's to look around at least.
I do plan on working on the green socks the remainder of the day tomarrow, and I'm pretty sure I can get one done and perhaps even start on the second one if I try hard. I'm also looking into selling some handmade glass beads on ETSY so if anyone reads this and wants 12 medium to small green/blue glass beads keep your eyes peeled for the listing.


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