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Welcome! I love knitting having learned how at an early age...it has seen me through good times and bad. I orignally went to college to study art but ended up as an RN (dont ask how THAT happened)Still an artist at heart, I try to listen to my muse and divide my creative time between knitting/dyeing/spinning and glass bead making. Once my life calms down, I also plan to do some knit wear designing and/or writing. Originally from Pennsylvania, I have lived in the Midwest and California-and am currently nomadic.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings." Samuel Johnson

Ok, someday soon I will get over this unreasonable fear of shaping lace, until then I will build my confidence by knitting a plainer design and altering it to suit the shape I was looking for. Then I will branch out and get more adventurous.
Sadly, I didn't go out to dinner last night so the "Jungle Camo Shrug" (as I've taken to calling her) didn't get her debut in public. No worries though, we have rescheduled for lunch next week and it will see the light of day.
More Later!

Later that day...
Just got back from an appointment at the Eye Doctors. No, I'm not forgetting proper grammar...that is what my eye doctor's office is called, in large letters ( in case you don't have your glasses I guess) on the sign-"The Eye Doctors". It makes things easier and I'm all for that though I'm not quite sure the same concept would be just as workable for umm... other kinds of doctors. Anyway, found out that I haven't been imagining things, I really am getting more nearsighted, which is just how things go I suppose. On the plus side though-the Eye Doctor said that I didn't need the"progressive" lenses that my eye doctor in California bullied me into getting last year. That really put me in a good mood so I decided to change the style of my glasses too, opting for more sturdy plastic frames instead of the rimless ones I had been wearing. The new ones are very cute (when I tried them on in the office the answer was a resounding, "YES!"- from the consultant who was helping me and even from the girls behind the counter) and I can't wait to get them in a week or so. This led to another surge of happiness...which led to a visit to the bookstore...which led to buying 3 knitting magazines and a green tea latte (Hot please, thanks. Probably the only person in these parts who orders a hot drink on a 90+ degree day but that's just me). I do think I showed REMARKABLE restraint in NOT buying ANY knitting books, though if you are reading this and live in a large town in Kansas that starts with T and go to the B&N knitting section I apologize for the drool marks I left on some of them.


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