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Welcome! I love knitting having learned how at an early age...it has seen me through good times and bad. I orignally went to college to study art but ended up as an RN (dont ask how THAT happened)Still an artist at heart, I try to listen to my muse and divide my creative time between knitting/dyeing/spinning and glass bead making. Once my life calms down, I also plan to do some knit wear designing and/or writing. Originally from Pennsylvania, I have lived in the Midwest and California-and am currently nomadic.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"It's a bird...it's a plane...

It's a finished object! (with all due apologies and respect to the Man of Steel...I couldn't resist)
Yes I finished my 100% non wool little-keep-my-shoulders-and- upper-arms-from-getting-sumburnt-half-sweater-shrug-thing last night and I plan to wear it out to dinner this evening.
The pattern is "Esprit Raglan Shrug" (free from elann.com) and the yarn I used for it was Schoeller-Stahl Micro Cable 100% micro fiber in the colorway "Reed"(also from elann). Of course, I didn't follow the pattern exactly because I think that is nearly impossible for me to do..I always have to tweak something somewhere. For this I lengthened the lace repeat on the sleeves and did a picot bind off. For the back I changed the pattern repeat a little too, making the garter rows not so regular-getting closer together as they near the bottom edge. I like the rhythm of that even though its not super noticeable to anyone but me. Reminds me more of the way waves seem to get smaller and closer as they reach the shore if that makes sense. I did a pointier picot bind off on the bottom edge and really like the look of it. This was made to match a dress I have and the colors do coordinate very well, but the yarn as it knitted up seemed to have a bit more green than I at first thought it would (with a color name like "REED"? I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised-lol) but it still looks good. I have 5.5 balls of this yarn left and may be tempted to try the lace tank that matches the shrug or....something else.
My next non-gift project is going to be another little sweater to keep the shoulders warm thing done in a cotton rayon yarn but I haven't decided on the pattern just yet. I want it to be lacy but not extremely difficult to get done...I might be leaning towards "Convertible" from the current Knitty but I'm not totally sold on it yet. I would love to make the "Isis Wrap" from last summer's Interweave Knits since that is more the style I'm looking for but frankly the pattern frightens me to death. I am terrified of getting a good part of it done and then getting to where the pattern note says, "if there are not enough stitches as a result of shaping to work a yarnover or decrease with its companion decrease or yarnover, work the stitches in stockinette until there are enough stitches to resume working in pattern". Now, I know that by the time I probably reached a part where this would occur I would be very well acquainted with the pattern in question. We would have gone out to lunch, exchanged phone numbers, had coffee together, talked late into the night and so it might not be a big deal at all when this came up. I might be able to say, "oh yeah...I can skip this little K2tog here and that YO there and just knit and it will be ok until my next row and then I can count on the added shaping to give me back the stitch I need or whatever....maybe that would work or maybe I'd just end up with large areas of misaligned lace pattern interspersed with giant wastelands of stockinette where my brain took a vacation. Since I know myself, I'm guessing it would be wastelands...so...I may have to design a plainer sweater (ie: not a complex lace pattern) with the shape I like or opt for a multiuse rectangle in a lace pattern I can handle. Stay tuned.


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